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DXN is a great new business opportunity in Europe

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Meet this exotic DXN coffee with Ganoderma (also known as reishi or lingzhi) consumed by more than 9,000,000 people worldwide today, known and consumed by more and more people in Europe day by day, and now it is high time to meet DXN in the Netherlands,

Acquaint yourself with the company background which guarantees high quality and price/value proportionate prices, as well as reliable service.


  • DXN has been in the market for 27 years, with its base of operations, plantations located in Malaysia and the factories in other countries too.
  • It has been present in Europe for 11 years.
  • And now, DXN products and DXN business opportunity have arrived to the Netherlands. While the local product service center was not opened yet, products are supplied from Europe, from the Slovakian center.

Charge Forward

The sales of DXN products is conducted through a Network Marketing system.

Anyone, who recommends the products to others may receive a commission, through which they can reach obtaining products for free, or if they spread the business prospects as well, they might reach steady financial stability as well, with their revenues coming from the spread of the product.

We look for DXN Netherlands team member who would happily be among the first to spread the word about DXN and its products in the Netherlands and are willing to take on the starting difficulties and challenges for the later benefits, so as to build up DXN on the Dutch market with their help.


You can be a successful MLM leader, a financially independent network builder with passive income.

You can only be really successful at a company on the long run, if they offer products, that people really need, that they use every day, and what they would buy and use without external influence, without any financial interest in it. 

At a company, whose marketing plan does not demand or obligate you for anything, but gives opportunity to prosper.

We are in a lucky situation, that both of them is given in the DXN business.

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