from all over the world

DXN uses the
“One World – One Market” concept.

Why is it worth making
the simple online DXN registration?

  • Free of charge – just fill out the registration form online. You do not need to pay any extra fee. (In some countries you need to buy some DXN products or a starter kit.)
  • Get an instant discount – you’re entitled to the distributor price (20-25% discount) even on your first purchase.
  • Life-long membership (even inheritable) – no obligations, you only need to buy at least one product a year to keep your active status.
  • Eligible for bonus – if you buy 100 PV (point value) per month (it may be different in some countries), you will get money back on your and your team’s sales.
  • Global business-building opportunity – if you’re keen to help others either live healthier, drink healthy coffee, or build their own business – you’ll get training, the right information, tools, and a great community.

Join DXN

Benefits of DXN membership:

a worldwide bonus with a single membership

You can buy the DXN products cheaper, at distributor price.

  • Enjoy the benefits of these outstanding wellness products made from Ganoderma.
  • DXN’s products are high quality and developed in-house; DXN does its own cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution.

DXN offers opportunities for everyone to start a business with low risk and low cost.

  • DXN could be an international home-based business for you too, you can earn money while you are helping people to live a better life.
  • DXN Global offers an excellent and motivating business plan designed for success. It offers an international profit share for deserving members and distributors worldwide.
DXN Summer Vibes

Say hello to freedom with DXN!

  • With DXN business opportunity you can be a successful MLM leader, a financially independent network builder with passive income
  • It’s really important to have your ‘why’, work smart and you can reach your dreams, what you really deserve.

Simple DXN registration step by step:

1. Join DXN from all over the world

Simple DXN Registration worldwide >>>

DXN online registration worldwide:

  1. Click on this link:
  2. If the page is not in your language, click on the English word at the right top and choose your language from the list.
  3. Read and click the button at the bottom: I have read and understand
  4. It will automatically fill out with our sponsor data:
    Sponsor Code (DXN ID number): 310007879
    Sponsor name: Farago Istvan
    (If not, you can write our sponsor data there.)
  5. Fill out the form with your data. Only data with a red star are the  * required field.
  6. Click on – Continue – at the bottom
  7. Check your data on the next page, read the document, and if everything is ok – tick the squares and Register.
  8. In many countries, you can place your first order immediately in the eWorld.
  9. Then send me an e-mail to – and I can send you more information about DXN products or we can start your training for your success!

It is free to register as a member of DXN.
But it depends on where you live – because there could be different conditions and registration packages.

You can buy products immediately from the DXN eWorld, if you can find your country in the Online Purchase Available Country

If your country is not there – you can join online, and I can send you the data of your nearest DXN office and you can get in touch with them for buying the DXN products. So just join here, you can do this worldwide.

You can click on the image for bigger size.

Join DXN

2. Join DXN from Europe:

You can join from Europe through the eWorld system.

You can join here:

Sponsor code: 310007879 – Sponsor name: Farago Istvan (my husband’s name, we are on the same DXN code)

It is free to register to become a DXN member. Just fill out the online registration form.

After that choose from the 4 product order possibilities:

  1. Buy Any Product – You can choose any product and purchase them at the distributor price (20-25% discount compared to the retail price)
  2. IOC order – Or you can buy the IOC package. The first IOC standard package is fixed, it costs about 200 EUR.
  3. ASP order – Best choice – Free choice of DXN products for min. 100 PPV and you get back the whole amount of your ASP package’s value as a discount.
  4. Register and purchase later – You make your online registration, and later you place your order online from your eWorld, by phone, or personally at the local DXN office or Service Center.
DXN ASP order
Any DXN member – new or existing (both) – can buy one ASP package – if the program started in their country.

  • They can select different mixes of DXN products at their preference. They can choose any product, so the content of the ASP package is not fixed.
  • The ASP package should be a minimum of 100 PPV and the maximum PPV value is unlimited.
  • You can find the PV of each product in the price list.
  • 100% of the ASP Package’s value (from the distributor price) will be credited as Discount Value for future product purchases. Such Discount Value can be redeemed as a 10% discount on the DP (distributor price) for future purchases within three (3) years from the date of purchase ASP.

3. Join DXN from the USA:

You can join through the international DXN eWorld system:
DXN Sponsor Code: 310007879
DXN Sponsor name: Faragó István

You can buy products immediately at the distributor price without paying any membership fee. But you will not qualify for the bonus until you paid the membership kit and the minimum order required an amount of $50 in products.

I collect the info about DXN USA registration and ordering process. Just click here for more details:

DXN eWorld US System for DXN USA members:

4. Join DXN from Australia and New Zealand:

Best to join through eWorld System, because the eWorld online purchase works in Australia and in New Zealand too.

Just join and place your order:

Sponsor DXN ID number: 310007879
Sponsor name: Farago Istvan

Join DXN

Join our DXN team!
You can take the first step here:

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