How to buy DXN products?

DXN has local Service Centers and DXN Branches in 77 countries and they deliver DXN products to over 180 countries.

If you are not a DXN member, you can buy DXN products too, but just at retail price.

You have two possibilities to choose from:

Buy DXN products at retail price without registration

When should you choose this?

  • If you want to try out 1 or 2 products first
  • You don’t mind that you buy it at a higher price
  • If you don’t want to make a simple registration

Buy DXN products at distributor price with registration

When should you choose this?

  • If you want to buy the products cheaper, even from the first one.
  • If you want to enjoy more benefits of DXN membership
  • You want to have your own webshop to order easily

What is the method of buying DXN products?

Buy DXN products personally at your nearest office or Service Center

When should you choose this?

  • There is an office near to you.
  • You don’t want to pay any shipping fee.
  • There is no online order possibility in your country.
  • You want to meet with the staff and other members. There are often meetings in the local offices.

Order DXN products from your DXN eWorld webshop

When should you choose this?

  • If you like to use your own webshop, and there is an online order possibility in your country.
  • It’s easy to order and apply your discounts.
  • There are more payment methods.

Order DXN products via email, phone or WhatsApp

When should you choose this?

  • If you prefer e-mail or phone communication.
  • When the eWorld webshop doesn’t work in your country.
  • When you travel to another country and you want to buy the products there.
  • You want to send products to somebody in another country.

Buy DXN products online from all over the world.

Online purchase is available in these countries:

There are different replicated DXN websites, where the retail purchase is available.

This is our retail webshop, which works in Europe:

  • Click on the link
  • Choose Retail Purchase on the right side of the menu,
  • Fill out your data,
  • Choose your European country, and
  • Place your order in the webshop.

If you want to get the products cheaper, at distributor price, you can become a DXN member easily.
Just fill out this registration form, from any country:
More join DXN information >>>
You can join and order the products at the same time.
With your DXN ID, you can place all your further orders at distributor price.

When you choose a sponsor, this person can help you with a lot of useful information, training, and personal support.
You always get the DXN products from the local or nearest DXN office.

Click on the images for bigger size

DXN retail purchase

You can select from the categories on the left side

DXN retail purchase

It depends on where you live, or where you want to build your business, you can get in touch with the local offices for the valid pricelist and order details.

DXN Retail Webshops:

We are looking for new members, who want to work with us, and we can put their retail webshop links here.
You can join us here >>>

More info about how to order replicated DXN website with retail webshop:

DXN Products in the USA
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